Tinnitus Relief using Music

Andrew B recently shared his experience with tinnitus, and what he found help him.

A music video which may help you and your Tinnitus

Managing the ringing or buzzing in the ears of Tinnitus is very individual. What is a win for one is a loss for another.

We are very lucky that we stumbled upon this video that seems to have helped others from the comments posted below that we felt it was a great share! Thanks again to Shane Ryan for putting together something that ultimately has the potential to help others!

About this Video

This video is  from Shane Ryan, a musician, who after years of sound abuse suffers from Tinnitus in  his left ear. He explains that It ranges from a hiss to high-pitched noises. Due to his tinnitus, he has made up a video that helps him enjoy tinnitus relief from music and hopes it might help others as well.

This is a great compilation which has helped Shane find tinnitus relief from music. It may help you.