Pregnancy and ringing in the ears

pregnant and experiencing ringing in earsAre you pregnant and experiencing ringing in your ears? This can be very confusing, especially because when you were not pregnant, you had never noticed a ringing or buzzing sound within your ears. The ringing sound within your ears is usually referred to as tinnitus.

Tinnitus can be related to Pregnancy

Tinnitus is more commonly regarded as a symptom of an auditory processing disturbance. In recent years, the clinical and medical professionals have started to recognize that being pregnant and experiencing ringing in your ears can happen.  The buzzing or ringing sounds you hear while being pregnant is actually caused by hormonal changes within your body.

UK study of Pregnancy related tinnitus

Back in 1993 if the link between tinnitus and pregnancy was known. A band of doctors in the Royal United Hospital in Bath, UK, did a comparative review study of two groups of women – ante natal women and non-pregnant women. The study demonstrates the incidencef tinnitus was greater for the ante natal women than the other group. Also, there are a growing number of online health forums  where individuals have posted their tinnitus experience during pregnancy and post-partum months. Consistently being pregnant and experiencing ringing in your ears is generally reported as hearing pulsating sounds. Pulsating tinnitus has become accepted as a distinct type of tinnitus.

Timing of Ringing in the ears during Pregnancy

This ringing in the ears during pregnancy typically is reported in late-pregnancy and stays a few weeks postpartum. For those who already have tinnitus before pregnancy, the ringing maybe louder than normal or more obvious.  As hormonal levels change during the pregnancy, so does the ringing in the ears. Higher hormone levels later in pregnancy as well as the first couple of weeks after delivery can make the ringing in the ears frustrating and worrying. What’s promising about that particular situation is that it is often temporary.

Ringing in the Ears related to Hormonal Replacement Therapy

There are other specific situations where women experience tinnitus. For example, those who use hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) to manage menstrual periods. Liquid retention, headaches, or increased blood pressure can be side-effects of the HRT. These issues may contribute to ringing in the ears.  The ringing sound in the ears might also grow louder and louder. Nevertheless, there are lots of studies that report the cessation of the noises in the ears once the HRT has been discontinued.

Importance of Seeking Help for Pregnancy related Tinnitus

Being pregnant and experiencing ringing in your ears can be quite stressful. The pulsating noises within your head can keep you awake through the night, and we all understand that strain and insomnia are equally negative during pregnancy. Worse at post-partum, it might cause panic and discomfort when you are taking care of yourself and your new-born child.

Support and Stress Reduction

There are techniques and lots of therapies designed which may help reduce the stress. Full support from your doctor and the household are important factors. Everyone needs to work together to ensure that the techniques and therapies work. works. It is important that during and after pregnancy, that you are not suffering in silence with the debilitating sounds and ringing in your ears. If you experience tinnitus during a first pregnancy, you must  advise your  doctor at the beginning of subsequent pregnancies. Plan ahead to manage your stress. The health of you and your child must not be disadvantaged and negatively affected by the tinnitus.