overcoming constant ringing in earsOvercoming Constant Ringing in the Ears at Night-time

The most typical indicators of tinnitus is a  constant ringing in ears. You notice a noise, such as a ringing sound, buzzing or hissing, even when you’re surrounded by silence. There are many causes of tinnitus and even more choices around overcoming it. Night time can be a particularly difficult time. Trying to fall asleep when all that you can hear is the sounds in your head or ears can send sufferers over the edge.This article will help you explore different options and provide information about tinnitus.

Noise machines

Sounds or noise can be added to your sleeping environment. A background audio, often referred to as white noise, could reduce the actual or the perception of the constant ringing in ears enough to allow you to fall asleep. The background audio may be repetitive nature sounds, music or even the low hum of a fan. The additional background noise acts like a mask. Some individuals say that tinnitus declines rather than disappearing. . It might take testing a couple of different approaches until you find the right combination of tone, volume and rhythm that helps your tinnitus. Some individuals discover that white noise makes their tinnitus worse. The way forward is to at least give it a shot,  experiment a bit, tweak a bit and hopefully get some long overdue sleep.

Bedtime Routine

Create a routine during bedtime every evening that involves soothing activities. Turning off the TV, computer, and mobile phone at least an hour before bed is a no brainer. Designing a schedule that allows you to drift off naturally. Having problems staying asleep or falling asleep is mainly due to irregular sleeping, and can cause your constant ringing in ears to worsen. Routines can reduce this cycle of discomfort. You may want to complete some basic stretches, then resting quietly, focussing on your breathing as you drift into sleep. This routine may help to lower your blood pressure and relax you. Keep in mind that sleep may be difficult when you are not tired or to go to bed too early. Somel find going to sleep easier after  a busy, productive day.Practice and persevere.

Medication related Tinnitus

Did your constant ringing in ears start when you starting taking a particular medicine? Both medications and over-the-counter medicines can lead to tinnitus-like signs. Simply the sound can be stopped by stopping or modifying the treatment. Under guidance, try to stop taking each medicine one at a time for a week and find out if doing this stops or changes the tinnitus. Check with your doctor first.

Pressure, Stress and Tinnitusovercome constant ringing in ears

Pressure and stress may worsen tinnitus. Keeping your life under control could lower your stress. Look for a less stressful career. Avoiding stress or restructuring an anxiety filled job could have a huge impact on the ringing in your ears. Working with people you don’t like is stressful. It may be time for a complete workplace change. Spending relaxing time with friends and family, that you like, helps manage your tinnitus and can also decrease stress.

A program of behavioural therapy run by a registered counsellor is a positive step for your tinnitus.Changing the emphasis from continuous irritation about your symptoms is the aim. Working with a professional psychologist will help you deal with your problems that may be causing your constant ringing in ears. It will also help you handle it better. Managing your issues and the impact of your tinnitus will improve your quality of life.

Meditation, Sleep and Tinnitus

Meditation can help you with pressure/stress induced tinnitus. This may help you let go of a few of the pressures and relax the way you are feeling. Meditation trains the mind to set aside the over-activity of the mind. Focus can also be redirected away from the noises. These forms of meditation and relaxation are useful for both waking and sleeping states.


Exercise during the day is also a known benefit for reducing stress, improving sleep patterns and reducing the impacts of tinnitus.Start slowly with something you enjoy and then build up your exercise regime.

Try, experiment and persevere with overcoming your Tinnitus. Don’t forget to include your doctor and your Audiologist in your quest.