Is Diet what causes Ringing in the Ears?

diet effects on tinnitusMaybe you have previously recognized the way the buzzing, ringing, hissing, and cracking inside your hearing appears to be less painless on some days and not as bad as other times? Have you considered that your diet is what causes ringing in ears?

Think about what you have Eaten

Just take a minute today and think about what you have eaten. After eating, did you wonder what causes ringing in ears? Did you consume a few cups of strong coffee or a burger and french fries by any chance? For example, when I eat Chinese food, my tinnitus seemed to worsen and my guess is that the salt is what causes ringing in ears, especially in mine due to the fact that Chinese food, and other foods, have a high salt concentration. Having a great diet regime may be critical for handling the volume and frequency of tinnitus noises.

5 Food Do’s and Do Not’s for your Tinnitus

I have included 5 do’s and do not’s when eating so that your tinnitus does not worsen.

Good foods for ringing in your ears

DO…provide your body premium fuel with good food. Your body needs it to operate properly. Eat lots of meat, seafood and whole grains and greens, fresh fruit, beans coconut oil, cheese, yogurt and eggs. If you’re able to, look into all natural or organic items. These meals can raise your defense mechanisms and are likely to be full of minerals and vitamins.

DO…ensure your tinnitus diet contains Zinc, B1,6 and 12, Vitamin C and vitamin A. Zinc is well known to be especially successful in reducing tinnitus noise. It may be found in oysters, lamb, beans, eggs and pumpkin seeds. Limit apples, which contain  Manganese,  as does celery, green vegetables, beans and nuts.

DO…include non-gluten grains for example quinoa millet and amaranth. Wheat may cause inflammation of the ear and worsen symptoms. Soy and soy products are a great supply of anti-oxidants and support the body to make vitamin B.

DO… eat fats from seafood, almonds and vegetables. These are the essential fats and should be contained in your diet. They reduce unwanted cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and decrease infection inside the ear. Use good oils in your  cooking.

DO…eat food near its pure condition that you can. The top tinnitus diet may be the Mediterranean diet that is comprised of beans, fresh-food and vegetables, whole wheat breads, rice unsaturated fats, whole, recently prepared meals and nuts. It is no wonder that incidents of cardiovascular disease are so reduced in Mediterranean countries.

Not so good foods for Tinnitus

DO NOT…eat junk foods. They are full of empty calories. They are also quite high in salt which may cause ringing in your ears, like it does mine. Sodium makes tinnitus symptoms worse by lowering the blood flow to the ears, eyes and brain, increasing blood pressure and limiting the bloodflow. When consumption of sodium is decreased, people report that tinnitus sounds are lessened. Most processed foods may also be filled with flavor enhancers. For example Glutamate stimulates neurotransmitters. Too much damages the nerves where they fire constantly and flood the neuroreceptors within the auditory process.

DO NOT… take manganese supplements or any minerals like this as it can be very dangerous!

DO NOT…choose cows’ milk products Your diet will include a modest number of dairy products such dairy, a yogurt, and cheese. Try to choose produce and go for goats or lamb products.

DO NOT…eat fried or fatty foods. Increasing fats in the blood is a primary reason for increased blood pressure and tinnitus. High blood fats delivers excessive air and vitamins to the ear. Hearing loss may result.

DO NOT…drink caffeinated products for example tea, caffeine and cola. Keep away from alcohol. Tinnitus sounds will increase by producing unnatural highs.  Anxiety, strain and depression will be elevated in some people.