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This is my story on how I found tinnitus relief that has helped me manage my everyday life to this day.

It all started when I was around 32 years old and I had come home from work (where I operated heavy machinery). I woke up the next morning and I had this ringing noise in my ear. I thought it was due to the machines I use at work and it was just some freak thing that would go away. Lo and behold, 3 years later I still had this ringing noise that just never went away.

The noise wouldn’t go away…

After realizing that something was wrong with my hearing when the noise wouldn’t go away, I came to the realization that I have a serious problem. Going to doctor after doctor didn’t seem to do anything as everyone kept telling me that there is nothing wrong with my hearing and that my hearing was very good, in fact, my hearing was slightly above normal.

kept telling me……my hearing was good

Finally I went to a hearing specialist who revealed to me that what I have is in fact something called tinnitus. I have never heard of tinnitus before but I knew that whatever tinnitus was, I needed to find some tinnitus relief. I could not imagine having to live life with this constant ringing in my ear. It really affected me when I was home alone and getting ready for bed. The fact that it was completely quiet in my house (because I lived alone at the time) and I was hearing this constant ringing in my ear drove me insane. It drove me to the point where I was beginning to feel depressed, not being able to focus and ultimately thinking that I had no hope.

My mini tinnitus breakthrough

Then suddenly one day while I was getting ready for work I had some music playing lightly in the background. To be specific, it was comforting and soothing classical music. Instantly, I noticed some tinnitus relief and the ringing seemed to not be so loud anymore. I decided to raise the volume, but noticed that it did not help, so I kept it to a moderate sound level. I thought if this soothed me; why not try it at work. I played the same music on my way to work and then plugged in my headphones while working. I no longer work with heavy machinery, so using headphones at work was not a big deal.

My comfort levels instantly improved when listening to the music. Who would have thought music – more sound- would be my savior but it really worked. Now, I am not implying that this is the solution or cure to tinnitus, however, for me, I found it relieved my tinnitus. I now listen to genres of music that I would never have listened to. From jazz to classical to even nature sounds, so I don’t get bored listening to the same music over and over again.

Why does the music relieve the tinnitus?

I don’t know exactly how it all works. The ringing in my ear is still there but the music somehow allows me to not focus on the ringing in my ear, but to actually focus on things around me. I can concentrate on my work, driving and all my normal tasks.  Not to mention, going to sleep with sounds of nature such as a waterfall hitting the rocks or the sounds of a rain forest is very soothing and falling to sleep is much easier.

I was able to find my tinnitus relief through music and I encourage anyone suffering from tinnitus to give it a try. It may just help you find some relief as I did!

Andrew B works in the construction in Mining in Queensland, Australia. He has now moved to a management role to reduce his exposure to ongoing noise.