Can Caffeine reduce Tinnitus?Can caffeine reduce Tinnitus

Caffeine, can it reduce the risk of tinnitus and help with tinnitus relief? As Tinnitus increases across the community, researchers are looking at multiple environmental influences to determine possible causes. This study is of interest.

Caffeine and Tinnitus Study

According to the Nurses’ Health Study II, researchers tracked caffeine use and incidents of tinnitus in 65,085 women. Their ages ranged from 30-34 and without tinnitus during the start of the study. Over the next 18 years, 5,289 developed the disorder.

The women kept track of their use of coffee, soda and tea (caffeinated and not) as well as chocolate and candy intake that contained caffeine.  The results appear in the August issue of The American Journal of Medicine August

Brief Study Outcome

Compared to women who consumed less than 150mg of caffeine a day (almost the same amount in an 8oz cup of coffee), those women who had 450-599mg a day was 15% less likely to have tinnitus. Those women who had 600mg or more were 21% less likely. Decaffeinated coffee consumption had no effect on tinnitus risk.

Conclusions about Caffeine and Tinnitus

Lead author, Dr. Jordan T. Glicksman, a resident physician at the University of Western Ontario said “we can’t conclude that caffeine is a cure for tinnitus, but our results should provide some assurance to people who do drink caffeine that it’s reasonable to continue doing so.”