What is this buzzing in the ears?are you experiencing buzzing in ear

There are individuals who suffer from a bizarre buzzing in the ears.  The first reaction is to suppose that the cause will be an insect, nearby, that can be swooshed away.  More probably the sound is the result of a health condition. The buzzing in the ear may be something known as tinnitus.

Is the buzzing the same for everyone?

Tinnitus is the broad term that covers many different ‘bizarre sound’ experiences. The range of descriptions include ringing, dinging, hissing, whooshing. There is also great variation in volume, intensity and speed of the ringing. The other feature of tinnitus is its timing. Some people experience it constantly, others sometimes, while some have had the sounds for many years and others just a short term one-off episode.

One of the most disturbing features of Tinnitus is when it begins to interfere with your daily routines. This is particularly relevant for those who suffer unexpected  and drastic changes in their sounds. The pitch of the noise may begin from a sound that is low and manageable to a high squeal that stops you in your tracks. Suddenly both your hearing and your ability to concentrate on task is gone!

The variation in Tinnitus have forced experts to expand their understanding and knowledge. Once considered always a condition in its own right, Tinnitus is accepted as potentially a symptom of another health or environmental problem. Having a medical check up will clarify if your Tinnitus is an early warning of another condition. If at any time the buzzing in your ear is getting worse we strongly recommend that you seek the advice a medical professional who will guide you on the right direction to take.

Treatments that help you with buzzing in the ear

Treatments are divided into 3 main groups:

1. Medical Condition Treatment– your doctor and audiologist can help with these

2. Environmental Modification – this may include lifestyle and workplace changes

3. Coping Strategiesalternative therapies are popular

What should I do next for Buzzing in the Ears?

Educating yourself about Tinnitus is the best next step if you are hearing buzzing in your ears. Learning about the Causes and Treatments of tinnitus and reading about the experience of others will help you in 3 ways.

  • Firstly, it will encourage you to speak to your doctor about possible underlying health conditions and you will understand better what your doctor has to say to you. You will know the right questions to ask!
  • Secondly, you will be able to look to your own lifestyle and workplace and think about ways that you can make some modifications.
  • Thirdly, you will know that you are not going mad, you are not alone and there is a way forward.

Buzzing in the ears affects millions of people around the world. It manifests in different ways in different people. It is considered a symptom of something else rather than a condition in its own right. Treatment is available, however for some people it never goes away completely. Continuing your daily living with or without the buzzing in your ears is possible.