Misconceptions about Tinnitus4 misconceptions about tinnitus

Have you ever experienced a buzzing or ringing in your ear? Is it constant and seems like it will never end? If so you probably have gone to a doctor and he told you that this can be a cause of Tinnitus. Have you been told that tinnitus cannot be helped? Have you felt that you just have to live with this feeling for the rest of your life? Many people are told this same things only to find out that it isn’t true. There are ways to actually  experience some tinnitus relief, so don’t take “it isn’t possible” for an answer.

Tinnitus relief is possible

The common misconceptions about tinnitus often stop sufferers from seeking relief. They tolerate the noises and sounds in their heads gradually becoming more debilitated and isolated. For some with Tinnitus fear, frustration and anger can transfer to families and workmates. Be alert to the following misconceptions and arm yourself with the truth next time you are told that tinnitus relief “isn’t possible”!

Here are 4 misconceptions about tinnitus:

Misconception about Tinnitus #1: If you have tinnitus, a hearing aid will do nothing for you.

Truth: If you do have tinnitus, a hearing aid actually may be one of the best ways for tinnitus relief. There are many different hearing aids that are on the market, however, look for some that

  • Will help reduce the overall loudness of sound that the ear is picking up in a loud environment
  • Will provide the most amplification in the quietest environments because this will help reduce the contrast between tinnitus and silence

Misconception about Tinnitus #2: Hearing loss and tinnitus are not really linked

Truth: A French study from the International Tinnitus Journal recently surveyed 123 people with tinnitus and only one of them did not have hearing loss. What is appalling to folks is that most people with tinnitus will also have hearing loss.

Misconception about Tinnitus #3: Since I don’t blast my music loudly, I cannot get tinnitus.

Truth: Though being around loud noises are one of the causes of tinnitus; there are several other ones as well. Some of these examples are

  • Stress can worsen tinnitus
  • Drinking alcohol or caffeine can worsen tinnitus
  • Smoking leads to high blood pressure and can worsen tinnitus as well.

Misconception about Tinnitus #4: Technology such as iPods and MP3 players are the cause of tinnitus.

Truth: The truth is that tinnitus has been around for a very long time. Just to give you an idea, Beethoven had tinnitus along with people in ancient Egypt.

We hope some of these popular misconceptions about tinnitus are a bit clearer now. As always, you should double-check and question what someone tells you. A reputable hearing health professional, audiologist, is a good start. Do not take “No” for an answer. More