3 Myths about Tinnitus Relief

3 myths about tinnitus

Tinnitus Relief Headquarters want to set the record straight about 3 myths about tinnitus relief that you may have heard, but are not true. Tinnitus , ringing in the ears, affects people to differing degrees, for some it is incredibly debilitating. Start your journey of accurate and useful information here.

A myth, by definition, is a widely held but false belief or idea. There are many myths that are generations old and like with any category, a myth is surely to present. Unfortunately, even tinnitus relief is plagued with myths that are not true that we would like to clear up.

3 Tinnitus Relief Myths

Myth 1: There are pills that help cure my tinnitus and help with tinnitus relief
Fact: You may see companies advertising that they have a “magic” pill to help cure tinnitus or aid you in tinnitus relief, however, the only thing that has been proven to decrease the effects of tinnitus are sound therapy and device that manage tinnitus.

Myth 2: I cannot do anything for tinnitus relief so I will have to just live with it
Fact: You actually can do things to help lessen the effect of tinnitus by tinnitus sound therapy, counseling sessions, tinnitus management devices and using ear protection.

Myth 3:  Tinnitus is just temporary and will go away on its on
Fact: You may experience a temporary form of tinnitus by a being exposed to loud noise, but there are  more long lasting, reoccurring tinnitus episodes that people will experience.  In fact, there are several different sounds of tinnitus one may experience. That ranges from mild, high-pitched and low-frequency tinnitus.

What do I do next for my Tinnitus?

Now is the time to get moving with getting some relief from your tinnitus, not with pills, or substance abuse but with good quality audiology management. Seek out an experienced audiologist, not just a hearing aid seller, soon.